360˚ General Management & Board Advisory

Arie Brish spent over fifteen years in several GM and CEO roles. In addition, he has diverse hands on experience with all business functional disciplines. Arie’s 360˚ approach to business excellence is a process of systematic alignment of all functions and partners around the same set of goals. Mr. Brish serves as judge and mentor for Capital Factory, International Accelerator and Rice Alliance.

360˚ Investors’ Relations and Fund Raising

Mr. Brish has raised more than $100M for corporate projects, as well as over $15M for start-up VC investments and north of $5M in government grants. Arie is a Limited Partner (LP) at OurCrowd. Mentor at Capital Factory, International Accelerator, and Faster Capital. His 360˚ multidisciplinary experience is a great asset to create a cohesive business plan, and coach entrepreneurs on all the ingredients required for  an overall cohesive business proposition. Arie has over 300 investors in his rolodex, and can tap into these resources to find the best funding source to match the nature of your venture.

360˚ Marketing and Focused Market Research

Most public research reports are very high level and suitable mostly as a general background. In many business situations a more detailed and comprehensive 360˚ study is often needed to address a specific business question. Arie’s extensive database of industry contacts, from the entire eco-system, comes to rescue in such situations.

360˚ Winning Competitive Strategy

Arie’s philosophy of a successful marketing war is beyond just being better than the competitor, but rather creating a dramatic paradigm change in the rules of the game that will make the competitors irrelevant. This is done by distilling an orthogonal new business model that no other competitor can offer, and aggressively promote it as the most important feature no-one can live without. Arie’s competitive moto: “Different is better than better”.

360˚ Business


  • During Arie’s diverse successes in business development roles he developed a proven process of effective and quick techniques to recruit a 360˚ buy-in from all facets of the eco-system to promote the same business goals. Arie’s rolodex in different industries is to “kill for”.

360˚ Project


  • Any project is destined to succeed when 360˚ of contributing functions, individuals, and partners are completely synchronized, managed, and incentivized to achieve the same final goal and milestones.

360˚ New Paradigm Campaigns

& Change Leadership

  • Having a good idea is one thing. Developing a 360˚ consensus and participation is a whole different game. Mr. Brish has extensive experience in leading paradigm changes, both internal as well as external.



  • Every so-often a business will face a critical point in its life that requires a fresh look and an out of the box “root canal”. A critical multiple choice intersection point like this requires the analytical skills to identify the situation, as well as the leadership and courage to execute on possibly difficult decisions. A 360˚ consensus needs to be formed to assure a successful completion in turning the vessel. Mr. Brish has proven multiple times to possess both skills, as he delivered results on several very challenging turn-arounds.
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