Founder & CEO

Arie Brish serves his global clients as a ground-breaker in growth strategies, commercialization of new paradigms, change leadership and turn-around.

Mr. Brish brings to the table lessons learned and best practices gained from a wide variety of assignments in different industries and across business disciplines. His business acumen includes CEO & GM roles, Board of Directors, M&A, business development, turnarounds and change leadership, working with Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurial initiatives, consulting engagements, and non-profits.


Growth Strategies

Arie scaled business unit revenue from $288M to $710M in four years, propelling market share from #4 to #1


Change Leadership and turnaround

Mr. Brish has executed multiple turnarounds. He led a major profit improvement project of a $200M business unit that achieved a 24% gross margin improvement in two years. He also led a quality improvement effort that resulted a 90% failures reduction in a $1B deployed equipment.


Investments and M&A

Over the years Arie raised more than $100M from corporate sources, private equity investments, VCs, and government grants.


Commercialization & Entrepreneurship

Over half a dozen still in business. While in the Fortune 500 world, he initiated an innovation process that resulted over 40 successful products. Mentor in two accelerators.

Arie Brish's Book

“Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup”

The Holistic Innovation Process from Concept to Market Expansion

Our Services

360˚ _Business Development

During Arie’s diverse successes in business development roles he developed a proven process of effective and quick techniques to recruit a 360˚ buy-in from all facets of the eco-system to promote…

360˚ _Project Management

Any project is destined to succeed when 360˚ of contributing functions, individuals, and partners are completely synchronized, managed, and incentivized to achieve the same final goal and milestones.

360˚ _Market Research

In many business situations a more detailed and comprehensive 360˚ study is often needed to address a specific business question. Arie’s extensive database of industry contacts, from the entire…

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